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Mickey Mouse Advertising Inflatable Jumping Bouncy

October 05, 2021 13 people Latest news

Mickey Mouse Advertising Inflatable Jumping Bouncy in Bangalore, Karnataka

Jumping Bouncy for kids entertainment and Funny activities. Many of people start their business in this field. You can find these items in Malls, Mela's etc. for kids.

Ganesh Sky Balloon a leading manufacturer of Advertising balloons in Delhi, India.

Ganesh Sky Balloon provide Inflatable Jumping Bouncy. They are normally in big sizes. These are normally made by SRF Material which thickness is 1 to 1.5 mm. It is synthetic coated fabric material using high-performance Polyester/Nylon-based fabric with a unique PVC formulation in specially designed machines. and they are stands up using Air blowers.
This is also a customizable product so it’s price depends on its size and shape. As per customer requirement.

Ganesh sky balloon deals in all kind of Advertising balloons like Advertising sky balloon, Advertising Inflatables, Inflatable Bouncy, inflatable characters, Helium & Hydrogen gas balloon, Air balloon, Round Shape Balloon, Custom shape balloons, Big size advertising balloon, Kids Trampoline, Trampolines etc. at very best price in India.

Readymade Sky balloons are also available in Different Sizes and Colours at very instant requirement. So please feel free to contact us anytime.

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